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5 Qualities That Make a Good Programmer


If you’re updated with the latest programming languages and have equipped yourselves with the best practices and technical skills, then that’s great. However, a thriving career in programming involves more than just having solid technical chops.

What can separate you from a flock of software specialists are a good mix of traits necessary to finesse on your job – just like any dating app will have.

In today’s top pick fresh from our tech blog, we will be discussing qualities that make a good programmer. Ask yourself – Do you possess any of these?

1. Passion to solve puzzles.

Programming is one big of a puzzle. Understanding the reasons why your code isn’t working, the bugs, and other programming pitfalls involve great problem-solving skills. If you have a positive disposition that any problem has a corresponding solution, then you have a good shot at becoming a better programmer in the field and not just any glasvezel internet providers in your field of expertise. Also, if you can solve puzzles under pressure, that’s much better. You won’t be sweating out when the system is down and your boss is breathing down your neck.

2. Love for learning.

Technology is constantly evolving. Today’s popular languages and tools may not be applicable in the near future. A good programmer is up-to-speed with these changes, develop new skills, and contribute to the betterment of his/her project. He/she makes the time to learn – that is the norm not just some cultural sights.

3. Business-oriented.

Businesses and technology are like two sides of a coin. They exist hand-in-hand. They need each other. The more you understand about your company’s business, the more you can provide innovative ideas and proactive solutions to help them grow.


4. Team player.

Students may work on assignments alone and movies may depict characters of a solo tech-geek, but in reality, programming is a team effort. It involves groups of experts working harmoniously to come up with a great project. They raise their ideas confidently, discuss potential solutions to a problem, and respect the opinions of one another. When a programmer is a team player, it is easier for the team to propel forward.

5. Flexible to change.

It is common for projects and priorities to change every now and then. A good developer can easily transition into these changes and focus on what’s most important right now. They take time to understand these changes and fit into the new context environment.

How many of these qualities do you possess? Tell us in the comments.

Whether you carry all these traits or not, these do not guarantee your success in the field. After all, your dedication and passion are the primary keys that’ll take you further.

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