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3 Ways to Improve Your App’s Security

More than 90% of all systems and apps have security weaknesses that can be easily exploited by hackers and other cyber-criminals. Nobody is safe on the internet, not even your most precious app used to get unlimited website traffic. Whether you are planning to create an app or launching one soon, here’s a word of advice: Double-check your security measures. Besides, no one patronizes an insecure app.


Read on to know what you can do to safeguard all the hard work you’ve done:

Well-Rounded App Protection

While working on any software project, you must consider and prioritize its security. Many app’s source codes present quite a few vulnerabilities, but unfortunately, it’s something businesses wouldn’t lift even a finger on. They only care about how the system is running and skip the security parts until the app is threatened by questionable schemes on the internet en tv.

As a programmer, you need to work on your app’s security is as much as you’re working hard on its running strategies and interface plans. Some potential causes of app vulnerability include:
• Failure to test the code
• Developer error
• Targeted by a hacker

Do what you can to any of these potential pitfalls.

Back End Security

Servers that your apps APIs are accessing need to have a security plan to provide sufficient protection for your files and data and prevent the onset of unauthorized access.

Always verify those who are accessing your apps. This avoids cases of eavesdropping or passing of sensitive information from the database to a third party source, especially those from cheap traffic to your website.

Take Advantage of an Encryption Policy for Mobile Device Use

hackAs more data are stored in mobile devices, it increases your app’s risk of vulnerability.

Have you ever heard of a “leaky” smartphone apps? That’s when third-party sources are harvesting data from mobile apps presenting themselves like a groupon korting to get discounts. It may release your client’s sensitive information without their knowledge.

In as much as your app’s credibility is at stake, your clients’ personal details can be at high-risks too. This happens with mobile data points that have been collected, such as mobile data usage, location, name, and age.

In these technological times and age, security is a must-have for any system and app. Hacking 101’s tech blog and community of professionals may be able to give you layers of help. However, it is important to be vigilant when creating and/or launching an app to minimize these concerns, especially when active users have already been involved.

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